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As a rule, Seiryo Electric holds the copyright of documents, images, and other contents on this website.
It is forbidden to use the above-mentioned contents without our prior approval, except when they are used for personal purposes or in ways approved by the Copyright Law.


We have done our best to ensure the correctness of the contents of this website. However, they may still contain some technical or typographical errors, or some descriptions that are incomplete in legal terms.
Further, the information presented on this website, as well as its URL, may be changed or disused without notice.
Seiryo Electric is free of any responsibilities for any damages that may be caused by the use, or the suspension of the use, of the contents of this website.


Links to this website are displayed on the homepage.

If you wish to provide a link to this website, please inform us through the Inquiry Form. Please describe the purpose of the link and specify the URL of the website on which the link is to be provided.
We may refuse to meet your request for a link, depending on the link method and the contents of your website.
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* The above provisions apply only to the website of Seiryo Electric. They do not apply to any site linked to this website.