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Digital Signage System

System to Display, on a Graphic Display Device, Advertisements and Other Information in the Forms of Animations and Still Images

Digital signage system is a network of digital displays that are centrally managed and addressable for targeted information, entertainments, merchandising and advertisement. It can distribute a variety of information, including live videos and emergency information.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • Scalable system configurations, including a standalone type with only one display device and a system for distribution to multiple units in different areas.
  • Saves labor by digital contents distribution through a network compared to conventional re-distribution required advertisement, e.g., posters and brochures.
  • Distribution of live videos.
  • Distribution of area-specific emergency information on earthquakes, tsunamis, etc., by interoperating with J-ALERT(*1), the emergency broadcast of the Fire Defense Headquarters, etc. which will overide the normal contents.
  • An optional function to count viewers according to the time zone, sex, age group, etc.(*2)
(*1)J-ALERT:The National early warning system that Japanese government operates to transmit high-priority emergency information, such as earthquake, tsunami or even missile launch information instantly to the public.

(*2) Use of this function is based on an option fee.

System Configuration

A Sample System Configuration

Case Study

Machikado Electronic Information Provision System


Machikado Electronic Information Provision SystemItami Community Broadcast Co., Ltd.

In the 15th anniversary of FM Itami, an information distribution business operated by Itami Community Broadcast Co., Ltd., the company adopted our digital signage system named as “Machikado Electronic Information Provision System”. The system provides various types of information to citizens by displaying it on screens installed in various places in Itami. The provided information includes live videos recorded in studios, notices from the municipal government of Itami, corporate advertisement, news, and information on weather and various other topics. Further, emergency programs are broadcasted in cooperation with FM Itami in the event of disasters. Even at night-time when the studio for FM broadcast is closed, emergency programs from the fire station, etc., can be auto-broadcasted.