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Tsunami Alerting System

System to Provide Weather Information on Tsunamis, High Waves, etc., to Seashore Users

This system provides visitors to seashore real-time weather information on tsunamis, high waves, billows, strong winds, thunders, etc. The information is displayed on a gigantic information board installed along the seashore, helping visitors to evacuate from the area. By adding monitoring camera along the shore, the seashore condition can be monitored in real-time.


Our System realizes features as below;

  • Disaster-Resilient communication line with the MCA Land Mobile Radio(LMR) .
  • Improved reliability by optical wired line as backup.
  • Additional CCTV cameras for real-time monitoring on 24x7 basis.

System Configuration

Case Study

Work to Protect the Yugawara Seashore against High Tides


Work to Protect the Yugawara Seashore against High Tides

This system was developed and delivered to provide information on tsunamis, etc., to visitors to seashore automatically.
This work was publicly recognized by the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture with appropriate process control and technical expertise used for it.
Images recorded by monitoring cameras installed along the seashore are published on the website of the Kanagawa Prefectural Government.