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Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System (AVM)

The Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System (AVM) is GPS-based vehicle location information in real time, showing those information on a map. Further, it corelates vehicle information with customer-specific information and streamlines exchange of information between a dispatcher and vehicles. In Japan, the system is popular among taxi operators, transportation companies and other clients whose sales depend heavily on the vehicle operating ratio.

*1 GPS:
The abbreviation for Global Positioning System. It can determine the present location of an Earth-based object utilizing a satellite.
*2 CTI:
The abbreviation for Computer Telephony Integration System. It is used, e.g., to retrieve and display information about a customer based on the number he/she is calling.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • Deployable both on IP Radio(*3) over cellular network and dedicated digital radio network.
  • Displays locations of called customer, most suitable taxi and the time to dispatch to the customer location.
  • GPS function to monitor the present taxi locations at all times.
  • List and map views for the status check of each taxi.
  • Display and retrieval of detailed information on dispatch, reception history, etc.
  • High security owing to dedicated digital network .
  • Emergency Alerting Function embedded.
  • An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System as an additional feature. (Optional)
  • Pinpoint dispatch using an dispatch app on a smart phone. (Optional)
*3 IP Radio:
A Push-to-Talk Two-way Radio designed for VoIP and data communication over cellular network. As the radio uses a cellular network, it can cover a wide area. Further, as it does not need a base station facility, introductory costs can be reduced.

System Configuration

A Sample System Configuration

Case Study

Voice of a Client

Hankyu Taxi Inc.

After the introduction of Seiryo Electric’s Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System, it has become possible for all employees to dispatch taxis within a short period of time. Further, the AVM enables us to manage and monitor taxies of our entire business area , as opposed to previous local-based dispatching with multiple dispatchers, i.e., each dispatch handling a relative small area. As a result, we can now efficiently dispatch about 700 taxis owned by us on a company-wide basis.

Mr. Norikazu Waki
Taxi Dispatch Leader of Hankyu Taxi Inc.