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Sluice Gate Control and Management System

System to Open/Close Sluice Gates and Collect Information on Water Level, etc., through Remote Operation

Conventionally, managing sluice gates and waterway on site was extremely labor-insentive.The River and Waterway Management System links the client’s office with sluices and other equipments through dedicated lines, enabling operators to remotely control the gates and collect critical information of waterway. The system has improved productivity by the automatic output of daily reports, operation records, and other documents at the monitoring terminal.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • Real-time visual display of gate aperture, the water level and the abnormal conditions etc.
  • Automatic output of measurement results sheets, gate operation records and the abnormal conditions etc.
  • Low-cost system construction, meeting client needs by use of general-purpose equipments.
  • Constant monitoring with stable lines by using leased lines.
  • Easy to maintain and deploy additional functions thanks to the use of general-purpose equipments.

System Configuration

A Sample System Configuration

Case Study

Shinan Land Improvement District


Shinan Land Improvement District

This organization, engaging in the development, maintenance etc., of agricultural land tracts, constructs irrigation channels to take agricultural water from Class A rivers, and installs sluices and overturning gates at important locations.
The Control Center monitors the water levels of irrigation channels, and remotely control the opening/closing of sluice gates.