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Low Power Transceiver - G-TALK

Specified Low-power Radio to Realize Simultaneous Group Calls without License and Base Station

This is a highly integrated, ultra low power (10mW) RF radio for the 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band. The ultra low power(10mW) enables the radio to operate in electromagnetic-sensitive environment, thus many hospitals, including the Osaka University Hospital, adopted our system.


Our product realizes features as below;

  • No need to install a base station.
  • No need to apply for a radio station license.
  • Simultaneos group calls (up to 5 users) owing to time division multiplexer system.
  • Unlimited number of users to be connected with receive-only mode.
  • Inter-connection of cellphone call with G-Talk handsets for the group call. (Optional)
  • Press talk mode for the use as Push-to-Talk Two-way Radio like communication.
  • Low noise and high-sound quality.
  • Reducts background noise by a digital filter.
  • Co-existance of system in electromagnetic-sensitive environment (e.g., medical devices) by using ultra low power. (10mW)

—Time Division Multiplexer System to Eliminate Need for Base Station

  Conventional simultaneous group call system
Time division multiplexer system
Configuration Conventional simultaneous multiple call system Time division multiplexer system
Communication system Using different frequencies for each portable terminals, this system receives data, synthesizes them at the base station, and re-transmits them to the terminals.
While a terminal uses the same frequency for reception and transmission, the base station requires a receiver for four units. Therefore, it consumes a large amount of power, requires a complex configuration, and incurs high costs.
This system uses only one frequency, and terminals transmit data in turn.
As each terminal switches between transmission and reception quickly by using the same frequency, the configuration is simple. However, advanced digital processing is required for control.