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Disaster Prevention and Administrative Radio System

The MRC Foundation in Japan provides local governments and enterprises with commercial Land Mobile Radio access service via its own network infrastructures including base and repeater stations, and this is referred to as "MCA Disaster Prevention and Administrative Radio System". The MCA was initially licensed for the use of land mobile communication, however its robust performance has convinced the authority not to limit it to mobile communications and use it for fixed communications as well. Seiryo has developed the MCA disaster prevention and administrative systems supporting both mobile radio equipment and fixed radio equipment and delivered the combined cutting-edge solutions to many local governments. Local governments have been utilizing MCA for economical disaster prevention and administrative radio system as well as for back-up solutions of cellular network in case of disasters.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • No need for a radio operator qualification, and legal inspection under the regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
  • Simple license application process regardless of the number of stations thanks to a blanket license.
  • No need for construction of base and relay stations thanks to the use of the MCA’s control station.
  • Extended reachability via specially assigned spectrum for the use in municipalities.
  • One-to-One protected radio equipment in the event of power failure.
  • Easy operation with touch-panel-equipped command console and guidance operation.
  • Adapted to J-ALERT (*) for the automatic communication of emergency information and automatically programmed public address.
  • Status monitoring function for the response check of each mobile terminal and display the status list.
  • Database function for the display of the location of each installed mobile terminal, and can be used as a management ledger for each mobile terminal.
  • Easy operation even by an inexperienced operator to make a public address without any problems and is easy to hear thanks to the use of the voice synthesis function.
  • Bidirectional communication between the master and loud-speaker-installed slave stations, and between the slave stations themselves.
  • Compatibility for both mobile radio terminals (mobile/in-vehicle/transportable teminals) and fixed radio terminals (fixed radio equipment with loudspeakers for public announcement) in a single system.
The National early warning system that Japanese government operates to transmit high-priority emergency information, such as earthquake,tsunami or even missile launch information instantly to the public.

System Configuration

A Sample System Configuration
A Sample System Configuration

Case Study


Constructing Anti-disaster Communication Infrastructure in Itami, Where Seiryo Is Headquartered

We installed equipment for the slave station of a public address system at a primary school in Itami-city, which is to serve as a shelter in the event of a disaster. We also installed an MCA (portable) at a joint use facility in the city.
In normal times, the portable station is used for information communication by administrators. In the event of an emergency, it can be transported out of the facility and used as a means of communication instead of a cell phone, which is subject to line restrictions when the first response to the emergency needs to be provided.


Diversifying Server

With the diversifying server, disaster information in a form of Area MailⓇ (*1) for emergency communication, e-mails, and posting on websites can be delivered via a variety of communication medias which include the MCA system, cellular network and Internet. Moreover, it can automatically make phone calls and send facsimile correspondences, e-mails, etc., to staff members.

*1 Area Mail is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

Diversifying Server