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We have been in the field of ICT since 1966, setting our goal as to realize a safe, secure and comfortable society with the power of ICT. We have built strong relationship with our customers meeting a great variety of their needs by providing the full turn key solution.

This consists of three phases, “Before” phase (from consulting, planning to proposal), ”In” phase (from procurement to implementation), and “After” phase (operations and maintenance of the service.) By always offering innovative solutions with the advanced technologies, we will become the best trusted partner for best valued services.

Further, our responsibilities include actions to conserve the global environment and ensure compliance. To secure the trust of our customers, we have reinforced our in-house system for compliance and made other positive efforts in the area of "compliance management".

We are fully aware that the trust of the society and our customers is the foundation of our business activities. We will reinforce our efforts to ensure that each employee adheres to a high ethical standard and is committed to fair and transparent activities.

We hope to contribute to a safe, environment-friendly society by offering high-quality services. All our employees make concerted efforts to develop Seiryo Electric into a leading company in the field of information communication.

President and Representative Director
Kiyoshi Nishii

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