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Road Information System for Submergence

System to Monitor the Condition of Underpasses Flooded by Sudden Rains, etc., and to Give Warnings

When a road has been flooded to reach alarm limits, this system warns the running vehicles by using an indicator, a rotating light, and other devices, and provides the manager with information on road flooding by phone or e-mail.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • Monitors remotely the road condition in a timely manner from on-site camera.
  • Provides warnings automatically with an indicator and a rotating light which are interlocked with road flooding sensors.
  • Quick status check of alarming device at the staff at the management office.
  • Automatically sends information on road flooding to the manager by e-mail or phone when the alarm device is activated.
  • Low-cost and highly reliable system construction owing to the use of mechanical electrode sensors(*).

* Float-type or ultrasonic wave-type sensors can also be used.

System Configuration

A Sample System Configuration