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December 1966 Seiryo Electric Corporation was established in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi
February 1968 Designated as Electronic Equipment Service Depot of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
September 1969 Relocation of headquarters (Toyonaka-shi, Osaka)


August 1973 Became Electronic Equipment Distributor of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
January 1976 Seiryo Electric Sales Corporation was established (Sales Division became independent)


November 1981 Relocation of headquarters (Fujinoki, Amatsuaza, Itami-shi, Hyogo)
April 1984 Osaka Sales Office was established


June 1992 Repair and recycling of mobile phones business started
November 1992 Relocation of headquarters (Chuo, Itami-shi, Hyogo)
May 1994 Cell-phone sales business started
December 1994 Tokyo Business Office (current Tokyo Branch) was established
September 1995 Took over business rights of Seiryo Electric Sales Corporation and became agent of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
November 1997 Relocation of headquarters (Suita-shi, Osaka)
March 1999 Acquired ownership of Comtec Service Corporation


November 2001 Inadera Technical Office was established
February 2002 Listed on Second Section of Osaka Securities Exchange
April 2002 Osaka Branch was established
September 2002 Relocation of headquarters (Fujinoki, Itami-shi, Hyogo)
April 2003 Information Communication Terminal Engineering Business Division Obtained ISO9001 certification
July 2004 Osaka Branch obtained ISO9001 certification
November 2004 PC sales business started (PC DEPOT Minoo Store was established)
December 2005 Inadera Technical Office obtained ISO9001 certification
January 2006 Tokyo Branch obtained ISO9001 certification
September 2008 Kanagawa Sales Office was established


April 2010 Acquired ownership of Suzuki Engineering Corporation (current Seiryo Electric Fielding Corporation)
November 2010 Inadera Technical Office obtained ISO/IEC27001 certification
January 2012 East Japan Repair Center was established
October 2012 Obtained JISQ15001 privacy mark certification
April 2013 Kohnan Electronic Corp. (current Seiryo Electric Engineering Corporation) was established
July 2013 Acquired ownership of Tottori K.E.C. Corp. (current Tottori Seiryo Electric Corp.) Listed on Second Section of Tokyo Securities Exchange
July 2013 Listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
February 2018 Inadera Technical Office(technical department)achieved CMMI Level 2
March 2018 Relocation of headquarters (Osaka-shi, Osaka)


February 2021 Inadera Technical Office(technical department)achieved CMMI Level 3
March 2022 Listed on the Standard Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.