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Cloud-based Telemetry System

A Cloud-based Telemetry System, Serving as a Low-cost Rainfall and Water Level Gauging System for Efficient Monitoring

A Cloud-based Telemetry System, provides clients with information on weather, water level, etc., collected by a telemeter via cellular networks. It gathers the information on our cloud-hosted server and processes it into electronic data and graphs. As the system uses the cloud server, it can provide a centralized monitoring function at a low cost. It now enables a wide range of applications including flood disaster prevention to prepare for sudden rain storms and high tides, and the monitoring of the wastewater level.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • Low initial cost owing to the cloud-hosted solution. No need for centralized control facility.
  • Low running costs owing to the cellular network. No need for additional dedicated networks.
  • Geographically diversified cloud-hosted servers to enhance service ability even in case of catastrophic disaster.
  • Quick actions for troubleshooting by 24x7 monitoring of service performance and healthiness at our Customer Service Center.
  • Monitors remotely the status on a tablet and smart phone.
  • Reports automatically to the managers by phone or e-mail in the event of a natural disaster or an abnormal water level, etc.

System Configuration

A Sample System Configuration

Case Study

GOKU Cloud-based Rainwater and Water Level Telemeter System



Cloud-based Rainwater and Water Level Telemetry System

Recently, flood damages have frequently been caused by sudden rains and high tides; they can no longer be written off as results of abnormal weather, and thus counter-measures are called for against this real and recurring problem. However, it has been pointed out that increasing the number of observation stations causes an increase in costs and labor for management. Our Cloud-based Rainfall and Water Level Telemetry system permits operation at relatively low costs as compared to a conventional rainfall and water level observation system. Further, it helps in considerably reducing the costs of maintenance and management, as a phone- and e-mail-based communication function can be used in the event of an emergency.

GOKU Cloud-based Manhole Pump Monitoring System

Situation of a facility


Cloud-based Manhole Pump Monitoring System

The manhole pump is pump equipment that is installed in a manhole in case when it is difficult to make the wastewater flow using gravity or a large pump facility cannot be installed. If the manhole pump breaks down during the rise of the water level, sewage may overflow streets. Therefore, it is indispensable to monitor the condition of the equipment and measure the water level. Conventionally, remote monitoring based on a dedicated line and independent phone communication systems have been used. However, the former system imposes high costs, while the latter does not permit comprehensive monitoring. Our Cloud-based Telemetry System, permits remote, comprehensive monitoring of manhole pumps at low initial and running costs. Further, it allows remote monitoring and automatic reporting, and significantly improves user-experience.