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Advanced Queue Management System

A System Contributing to Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Counter Services

This is a multi-functional advanced queue management system. It was developed to improve service delivery at service counters by managing and minimizing queues to improve efficiency and customer experience.
This system uses cloud computing to allow the operators and the customers to check the condition of congestion in the waiting area and issue queuing tickets regardless of where he/she is located. Besides, it offers a function to automatically inform a person waiting their turn, either by a voice mail notification or by SMS, that he/she will soon receive assistance.
Further, it has a memo function to improve cooperation among staff members in the store, and a function to manage store information in real time.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • Online Appointment Management for customers to check availability and make reservation for specific date and time for next 2 weeks,e.g., by smart phone.
  • Monitoring Customer Status for real time monitoring queue number and queue status per service type and counter for better productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Memo for Floor Management (FM Memo) for concierge to send a memo to any counter staff to summarize customer-specific needs. The memo can be a pre-defined format or free format.
  • Serving Customer by Designated Staff when the customer wants to be served by the same staff as previous visit, FM memo can be used to notify the designated staff.
  • Business Statistic for eliminating the need for a daily report from each store, as the system is able to measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), such as waiting times and transaction times, etc.

System Configuration

System Configuration

Case Study


~ Administrative Services Improved by Shortening the Waiting Time, Publishing the Condition of Congestion, and Streamlining Window Counter Business ~ the Municipal Office of Atsugi in Kanagawa Prefecture

The Advanced Queue Management System that Seiryo Electric delivered to the Municipal Office of Atsugi in Kanagawa Prefecture is the first we delivered to a local government in Japan. This system was adopted to improve the provision of administrative services to citizens. It has helped shorten the waiting time at the Resident Service Corner etc., by publishing the degree of congestion at a service window online, and by streamlining the service staff members of the municipal office are able to provide.


Docomo Shopa chain of 634 cell phone shops in Japan as of the end of October 2015

The Advanced Queue Management System we delivered has helped improve staff consciousness of time management by allowing daily data checks, and by optimizing staff allocation and the handover of business according to reception data. It contributes to problem solving at shops, e.g., by providing a queue reservation service to shorten customers’ waiting time.

Docomo Shop