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Road Traffic and Weather Information System

System to Warn Drivers by Displaying Various Types of Road Information in Mountainous Areas, etc.

This system displays information on traffic control and disasters, and other information relevant to road restrictions for drivers in running vehicles. Further, it can automatically display information on possible road surface freezing, etc., by interlocking with a thermometer, etc.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • Automatic display of information on open air temperature and possible road surface freezing, and other road information by being interlocked with a thermometer.
  • Automatically transmits local temperature data.
  • Display of messages through remote operation.
  • Communication even in areas not covered by cellular networks with an equipped in-box phone in the event of an emergency.

System Configuration

A Sample System Configuration

Case Study

Road Information Board (General National Highway)


Road Information Board (General National Highway)

This system consists of character and temperature indicators, machine-side devices, boxes containing phones, and temperature sensors installed along roads leading to mountainous areas. It realizes the display of character telops, the collection of local temperature information, etc., through remote operation at a management office.