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IP Radio System

Push-to-Talk Two-way Radio  to realize low-cost VoIP and data communications over cellular network and serve as an alternate solution to traditional Land Mobile Radio Systems and value-added service to basic voice and data service of cellular network

The IP Radio offers instant and reliable half-duplex VoIP and data communications over cellular network and its rugged handsets are specifically designed for the use in car (vehicular handsets) and in tough environment like construction jobsites. With the Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System, the IP Radio offers a Windows-based dispatch console where the dispatcher can manage and monitor the field fleets, e.g., taxies, and work forces.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • Quick and reliable One-to-One and One-to-Many group calls everywhere under cellular networks in Japan.
  • No need for a radio station license.
  • Easy communication even in hard-to-reach areas of Land Mobile Radio.
  • No need for capital investment in base/repeater stations and antennas, etc.
  • Large volume of data transmission via cellular networks.
  • Vehicle location tracking by GPS function as optional features.
  • Reliable communication even in the event of emergency with IP packet.


Various communication functions
  • One-to-One call within a registered group member
  • One-to-Many calls with registered group members
  • Supervisory (or dispatcher) override One-to-Many call with group
  • Supervisory (or dispatcher) override One-to-One call with any group
  • Neighborhood group calls for communication with nearby mobile terminals within a certain radius (*)
  • Emergency calls for reporting abnormal situation to a supervisor / dispatcher in the event of an emergency (*)

Functions marked (*) are optional and can be used upon application.

High scalability
  • Vehicle management and automatic dispatch based on GPS function as an additional feature
  • Any mobile terminals can be assigned as a supervisor / dispatcher and function accordingly (*)

(*) In such a case, communication functions are partly restricted.

Durable design A rugged design used in tough environment