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Intruder-Monitoring Security Sensor

Surveillance System to Watch Out for Intruders by Interlocking with CCTV Cameras and Sensors, and Give a Warning with a Rotating Light, etc.

This system watches a facility etc., with a fully integrated CCTV cameras and sensors. If an intruder or a suspicious person is detected, it zooms up and records his/her image while giving a warning with a rotating light and notifying the manager. It enables a quick check of the intrusion situation and other abnormalities, and enables a prompt response.


Our System realizes features as below;

  • Quick detection of an intruder, automatic camera turning and lens control by interlocking with sensors.
  • Remote surveillance without the visit on site by the manager.
  • Provides a flexible and low-cost system through in-house software to control monitoring cameras.

System Configuration

A Sample System Configuration