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River Information System

System to Provide River-related Information (Water Level, Etc.) and Disaster Information to Vessels Navigating Rivers and Nearby Residents

The all-important task of waterway operators is to secure the safety of navigating boats/ vessels and local residents. By monitoring river conditions in real-time via surveillance systems and telemetry system, the system issues warning noticification to boats/ vessels and residences for pre-caution or evacuation. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including system design, software development, procurement and operations and maintenance. It has enjoyed the firm trust of clients.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • Provides information as large-format images with a large full-color LED display console.
  • Automatic display by scheduling various information to be provided.
  • Simple operation for synthesizing broadcast images with character-based information, etc.

System Configuration

A Sample System Configuration