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Golf Irrigation Management System

System that Contributes to Reducing Costs and Time in Golf Course Maintenance

The Golf Irrigation Management System (solution name: TAS) eliminates the need to lay conventionally required cables between the central control (master station) and the satellite (slave station) of a golf course sprinkling system, as it uses a cellular network for IP radio communication.

We offer TAS to golf yards in various parts of Japan by concluding an exclusive distributorship agreement in the country with The Toro Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment.


Our system realizes features as below;

  • No need to lay cables between the central control (master station) and the satellite (slave station).
  • Reduces work costs and shortens work periods.
  • Reduces lightening damages by eliminating cables.
  • Radio communication everywhere under the coverage of the cellular networks.
  • Lifts the limit of the distance between the master and slave stations, and the relocation of stations.

System Configuration

A Sample System Configuration

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